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Quality Credit

2017 enterprise quality credit report

1. Preparation of reports Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd , reviewed the matt good company in quality management, product quality responsibility, quality, integrity management, and other

1. Preparation of reports

Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd, reviewed the matt good company in quality management, product quality responsibility, quality, integrity management, and other aspects of the concept, system, measures and results.The contents of this report are as follows:

1. Scope of report

The scope of the report:  Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd-金沙网络娱乐游戏平台.

Report time range: January 2017 to December 2017

Report release cycle: this report is the annual report

1.1 objective statement of content

This report is based solely on the actual situation of the production and operation of the company. The content is objective and impartial, without any false information, and is willing to be responsible for the authenticity of the contents of this report.

1.2 report data description

All contents of this report are from the actual situation or data of the company.

2. Speech by the general manager

Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd. Sincerely thanks for the love, support and cooperation of all walks of life.

Matt good people are never satisfied, and pioneering spirit, has been committed to the revitalization and development of food industry, constantly, and made remarkable achievements, we take "idea of responsibility, to carry out the quality responsibility for the quality of work the gripper, build quality and safety responsibility system, from the management to the professional management and production units, from the production of each link, omni-directional, the whole process, respectively, established a quality responsibility system, the principal primary responsibility system.We pay attention to the quality and safety of learning and importing advanced management theory and method of developing quality strategy, determine the quality and safety goals, implementation of quality, environment, occupational health AnQuanSan standard management system, standard work procedures, provide guarantee for quality and safety.To establish a strict quality safety responsibility assessment mechanism, from senior management to management departments, production workshops and teams, to sign a security responsibility system, and implement a quality control system.The organization establishes an enterprise internal control risk management system, carries out comprehensive risk management, checks the key links of various businesses, ensures the quality and safety, and guards against business risks.Hold world with virtue, s yu zhishan, matt good food industry co., LTD of fujian province development cannot leave the company all staff's unremitting efforts to struggle, cannot leave the country, the concern and support for the association of industry and, even more to love and trust of all customers.We will, as always, strives for realism the innovation, in providing society with high quality products at the same time, improve their own strength, to become competitive in the market, the social sense of responsibility, has the excellent enterprise modern management system.We will carry out "the pursuit of excellence, integrity, law-abiding, people-oriented, harmonious development" the quality policy, to customers as the focus, adhere to the "quality, standard basis for winning", through various technology research and improve product quality and the industry standard, the food industry to promote common development.

3. Introduction to the enterprise

Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd, founded in 1999, is a company specializing in the production of candy food enterprises, located in the most economic vitality of the strait coast economic zone minnan golden triangle - jinjiang city, the company after ten years of hard struggle, scale expands unceasingly, has established the total area of more than ten thousand square meters, building area of more than 1999 thousand square meters of production base.Over the years, the company has been committed to product development and technological innovation, the introduction of foreign advanced automatic line of life, the production and the main nutritious cereal chocolate. Fruit hard candy. Cushions. Jelly. Toffee. Chocolate. Egg rolls and so on many kinds of candy and leisure food.Meade is based on minnan culture and combines modern production technology.Using traditional techniques and green food as raw materials, we independently developed a series of food hygiene standards. The taste is exquisite. The taste is fresh. Nutritious candy and snack food.Our products are sold all over the country and are well received by the industry.

In recent years, meade has always faced the consumer with products of "quality, health and green".At the same time, we are constantly expanding the national market.Company health. Benign development, thanks to the government at all levels. Distribution partners and broad consumer support for the good company. Encouragement.Looking ahead, we have a long way to go.We will continue to uphold the minnan spirit of "love and dare to win", and give priority to developing "haixi" strategy.Adhere to the technological innovation and the independent research and development of the business development path, strive for five years, to build the major modern candy food enterprises.

Quality credit report

1. Enterprise quality concept

Companies adhere to the "strives for the survival by the quality, beg the development" with the brand, the brand construction as a major event in the production and operation of an enterprise to grasp, put forward the "technology is the core of the brand, quality is the life of the brand, talent is the guarantee of brand, culture is the soul of the brand, innovation is the power of the brand" working train of thought.

2. Internal quality management

2.1 staff quality management awareness

Product quality relations enterprise life, quality is the flag of the enterprise, is the enterprise strength show.The most important weapon is the quality of the product.For enterprises, the quality is a systematic project, it not only involves the all functional departments of the enterprise, through scientific research, production, sales, procurement and so on each link, and included the personnel consciousness, quality system, production management behavior and even the machinery, equipment and other hardware.To make the enterprise quality system efficient operation, the optimal allocation of resources, so as to produce high quality products, we must first let all staff firmly establish the ideological consciousness of high quality, high quality, which is blind to this point, it is a good equipment, and improve the mechanism can also be difficult to play to due utility.Establish the nature of this consciousness has the value of its existence, it can make the employees in the process of production and operation, consciously abide by the operational procedures, not because "there is no supervision, no one saw, everyone do that" the influence of external factors, such as responsibility, and give up this is not just a kind of objective requirements and constraints, rather than the pursuit of higher professional ethics a layer.Quality awareness is a company's understanding and understanding of quality and quality work from the leadership decision-making level to the quality and quality work of every employee. This has an extremely important influence and restriction on quality behavior.Quality consciousness embodied in each employee's job, is also embodied in the enterprise in the highest level of post work, is a kind of conscious of the customer requirements to ensure delivery of enterprise produced products -- -- -- -- -- hardware, software and process materials quality, work quality and service quality of willpower.Quality consciousness is through the enterprise quality management, quality education and quality responsibility to create and influence, and through quality incentive mechanism of self-regulation and step by step, slowly to form.

2.2 quality management system

The quality policy of "quality first, user first and quality products to improve people's health and quality of life" fully reflects the focus of customers and the market.After the company has imported ISO9001 standard, it has improved the system, coordination and effectiveness of the management system.Since the first day of food processing, general manager Chen shibian has taken the product quality as the first major event.In the quality management work, the company has the foresight to formulate the quality policy and quality objectives for the practical development of the enterprise.

3. Corporate quality and integrity

3.1 quality integrity management

Companies adhere to the "product quality is the enterprise production line" quality management policy, the pursuit of the excellence of product quality and service quality, strict internal management, in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality system requirements specification, the implementation of total quality management, the plan on the cultivation of professional quality management personnel, introduction and training talents, enrich the science and technology research and development team.

The brand embodies the quality of the enterprise, the quality of the products and the sense of responsibility and credibility of consumers. It is one of the intangible assets that embodies the value of the enterprise.Matt good deep understanding to the products of the company the good faith is the key of the enterprise core competitiveness, always adhere to the good faith management as the core, implement the strategy of strong brand construction investment, create the unique advantage of sustainable development, in terms of brand awareness and brand integrity are achieved good efficiency.

Company in Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang and other provinces, set up after-sales service agencies, a pre-sale, sale, after-sale and advisory services, set up 24 hours quality tracking management and quick response mechanism, to provide customers with more forms of complaint channels, carefully record and handle complaints seriously.According to last year's brand construction and completion of the plan for after-sales service, the comprehensive analysis of the "customer satisfaction questionnaire" and "single" to manage customer complaints information, in-depth analysis of the company in product quality, defect rate, delivery timely, processing timeliness and customer satisfaction, as well as the deficiency, provided a review of brand construction and after-sales service and improving Suggestions and comments, reports the company's management, develop new annual plan and implement carefully.Over the years, the company's product complaint rate is less than 2%, and there is no litigation related to the quality of products.

Through TV, advertising, Internet and other media, the company has carried out "good" brand advertising campaign and achieved good brand benefits.Companies actively invites dealers across the country each year and the new and old customers, to the production site visit, understand the whole process of food processing, communicate product information such as the direction of the market analysis, collects the domestic and foreign customers for the product opinion and the suggestion, further enhance brand awareness

3.2 quality culture construction

Quality culture is an important component of enterprise culture, which is the comprehensive embodiment of the tenet, concept and ethical code of conduct pursued by enterprises in quality.The core competence of modern enterprises is not products and services, but excellent corporate culture.

In the construction of quality culture, our company attaches great importance to the education training of employees, in addition to building quality and safety system, enhancing its own technological strength and improving its core competitiveness.On the one hand, we should strengthen technical training and improve the technical quality of employees, thus laying a solid foundation for improving the quality of products.At the same time, we will strengthen the training of legal and legal knowledge and awareness of the employees.Especially regularly organize employee to study "product quality standard", "food safety", "food industry enterprise credit management system set up and implement general requirements", food production certification requirements and other relevant laws and regulations and standards.To improve the staff's overall legal consciousness and integrity awareness, to really achieve the company's understanding, knowledge and law.In the actual production process, strict implementation of relevant laws and regulations and standard requirements.

4. Enterprise quality base

4.1 enterprise product standards

Our company strictly abide by the food processing process safety operation procedures and seriously implement the quality management system, effectively improve the management level and cognitive level of the enterprise for a standard and norm for my company standardization work more orderly.

4.2 enterprise measurement level

The company has a perfect measuring system.The company has a total of 60 sets of advanced metering testing equipment and 20 special part-time metering personnel, which can ensure the effectiveness and reliability of enterprise measurement and monitoring results.

Product quality responsibility

5.1 product quality commitment

The company promises to strictly abide by the food safety law and other laws and regulations related to food production, and fully fulfill the responsibility of the first person responsible for food safety.

Company commitment in production strictly enforce the national food safety standards such as ISO, not doping in the process of food processing, adulterated, true, shoddy, without the use of non-food raw materials, recycled materials processed foods.We are determined to provide quality products and sincere after-sales service to the consumers for the good products.

5.2 product recall

Company established a rigorous mature "product recall control procedure", when the factory product quality and food safety hidden trouble, can effectively quickly back, back, to ensure smooth accurate recall and the hidden trouble of the related products to be able to effectively handle.In recent years, the company never actual recall for food safety accidents happen, and the company also USES the regular and irregular pays a return visit, collect customer feedback information, product quality in the subsequent production process control, improve the quality of products.

5.3 responsibilities of "three packages"

Company solemnly promise, if the company product quality problems, after company jointly with the relevant departments of the investigation confirmed is the company's responsibility, company will strictly according to the "product quality standard", "consumer rights and interests protects a law" and other relevant laws and regulations, and in accordance with the consumers will, within the legal framework for the company's products baotui, proven, and express our sincere apologies for consumers.

6. Quality risk management

6.1 quality complaint handling

Food is a fast consumer product, and all aspects of product sales, including consumer purchase, may have various problems to be solved.The sales office is responsible to contact the customer, according to the customer's complaint situation and suggestion, and the complaint content and processing results are registered.Each office daily content and process the results written complaint reporting to the after-sale service department, after-sales service department of consumer opinion comprehensive improvement are also put forward the general manager after office meeting for approval before implementation.The Marketing Department will make a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire every year, and the scope and content of the survey will be updated every year, so as to achieve a wide sampling scope and more close to users' needs.To conduct data analysis of the sampling results and submit Suggestions and Suggestions to the company leaders.

6.2 quality risk monitoring

Company on the basis of the food safety law of the People's Republic of China and regulations on the food safety law implementation set up the food safety risk monitoring system of information collection, collect the food safety risk monitoring information, the product is safe and potential problems in time, after the type of "too late" to advance prevention, namely by "post-supervision" to "prevention", so as to prevent food safety accidents.Food safety risk monitoring information is mainly collected and organized by the quality department of the company, but all employees have the responsibility and obligation to collect risk monitoring information.In order to ensure the timely and accurate collection of food safety risk monitoring information related to our products, the company always pays attention to maintaining the technical exchanges and cooperation with international and domestic counterparts.

6.3 emergency management

In order to improve the company and danger of sudden accidents emergency ability, ensure that in the event of a major, major accident, command and scheduling, personnel, equipment and materials can be in place in time, ensure that the company can control in a timely and effective manner in an accident, to protect the employee's life, environment and security of state property, reduce the accident loss to lowest, on the basis of the production safety law of the People's Republic of China, the emergency response law of the People's Republic of China, the measures for the administration of production safety accident emergency plan and other relevant provisions, in combination with the practical situation of our company to establish a production safety accident emergency plan.Production safety accident emergency plan comprehensive contingency plans and special emergency plan two levels, the comprehensive emergency plans is the company's organization and management, command, coordinate related emergency resources and emergency response plans and procedures of the whole specification, special emergency plan is part of the overall plan, aimed at different incident action plan and guarantee scheme.

Report conclusion

In the fierce market competition, matt good company to be in an impregnable position, depends largely on the quality of the products of the enterprise, depending on the enterprise core technology and independent innovation ability, depends on the cultivation and development of the brand.To further develop the quality and revitalization work, we will promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, accelerate economic growth with great significance, and the road of quality revitalization will continue to go on.

Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd
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