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Quality Credit

Enterprise quality credit report 2016

1. Preparation of reports Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd, reviewed the matt good company in quality management, product quality responsibility, quality, integrity management, and other

1. Preparation of reports-7335A.COM澳门金沙

Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd, reviewed the matt good company in quality management, product quality responsibility, quality, integrity management, and other aspects of the concept, system, measures and results.The contents of this report are as follows:

1. Scope of report

The scope of the report: Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd.-金沙4399js网站

Report time range: January 2016 to December 2016

Report release cycle: this report is the annual report

1.1 objective statement of content

This report is based solely on the actual situation of the production and operation of the company. The content is objective and impartial, without any false information, and is willing to be responsible for the authenticity of the contents of this report.

1.2 report data description

All contents of this report are from the actual situation or data of the company.

2. Speech by the general manager

Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd. Is the food industry in fujian province, one of the influential enterprises over the years at all levels of government and relevant departments of a lot of help, after all colleagues of the company is striving, give full play to their strengths, and other domestic food brand enterprise grow up together.We have been adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty, trustworthiness, operation according to law, strict quality management, strengthening corporate self-discipline, and actively fulfilling social responsibilities and accepting social supervision".At the same time, we should persist in independent innovation, actively explore the core technologies, research and development and standard formulation of enterprises, respect science, and get out of our own development path.

The good development and social care and help of the society, the support of the downstream colleagues are inseparable.Therefore, we would like to work with our colleagues to improve and make this cake better and more.To provide the safe and secure food for the society, to realize the beautiful Chinese dream, to make the contribution that our enterprise should have.

3. Introduction to the enterprise

Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd, founded in 1999, is a company specializing in the production of candy food enterprises, located in the most economic vitality of the strait coast economic zone minnan golden triangle - jinjiang city, the company after ten years of hard struggle, scale expands unceasingly, has established the total area of more than ten thousand square meters, building area of more than 1999 thousand square meters of production base.Over the years, the company has been committed to product development and technological innovation, the introduction of foreign advanced automatic line of life, the production and the main nutritious cereal chocolate. Fruit hard candy. Cushions. Jelly. Toffee. Chocolate. Egg rolls and so on many kinds of candy and leisure food.Meade is based on minnan culture and combines modern production technology.Using traditional techniques and green food as raw materials, we independently developed a series of food hygiene standards. The taste is exquisite. The taste is fresh. Nutritious candy and snack food.Our products are sold all over the country and are well received by the industry.

In recent years, meade has always faced the consumer with products of "quality, health and green".At the same time, we are constantly expanding the national market.Company health. Benign development, thanks to the government at all levels. Distribution partners and broad consumer support for the good company. Encouragement.Looking ahead, we have a long way to go.We will continue to uphold the minnan spirit of "love and dare to win", and give priority to developing "haixi" strategy.Adhere to the technological innovation and the independent research and development of the business development path, strive for five years, to build the major modern candy food enterprises.

Quality credit report

1. Enterprise quality concept

Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd-金沙网络娱乐游戏平台. In the aspect of quality management strictly follow "to superior quality, sincere service" the quality policy, adhere to the quality system requirements, from raw material to finished product each link strict censorship, ensure material quality, production technology, product quality reached the quality standard.The company strictly regulates production according to process requirements, and each batch of products can be traced back to every link of the production process.After the products are delivered to customers, we will collect and collate the quality information of customers' feedback products and control them in the subsequent production process to improve the quality of products.

2. Internal quality management

2.1 quality management organization

The quality management of the company is implemented by the general manager, the deputy general manager, the management department, the workshop, the class management level management system.

(1) the general manager

To be responsible for the establishment and operation of the quality management system of the whole company, to implement the laws and regulations of the state, to be responsible to the whole company;Responsible for the production and operation of the company, responsible for the quality of the products.

To take charge of the formulation of the company's long-term development plan and annual production and operation plan, organization and formulation of the company's rules and regulations;Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of quality system.

In charge of setting up, adjusting and assigning responsibilities and permissions of the company's organization, reviewing the rewards and punishment scheme of the company's employees, and equipped with adequate resources according to the company's development needs.

Responsible for organizing the analysis of major quality issues and management review of the quality system.

The deputy general manager in charge of production

Responsible for conducting and coordinating the overall quality management of the company, and allocating resources according to needs.

(3) business administration department

To supervise, inspect, organize and coordinate the quality management work.

Make a sampling inspection of the finished products.

To manage the intangible assets such as trademarks and order and distribute the number of trademarks and labels as planned.

Internal and external quality information transmission.

To carry out mass quality management activities;Carry out quality publicity and education activities, strengthen the quality consciousness of employees, and establish a sound quality assurance system.

To conduct regular quality work meetings, analyze and study the quality problems arising from the operation of internal or quality system, and put forward corrective and preventive measures.

The company is responsible for the quality and measurement management of the company, management of laboratory testing and experimental equipment, and the equipment of "strong inspection" and "inspection" according to the regulations.

To formulate quality management system.

2.2 quality management system

The company has introduced ISO9001 standard and improved the system, coordination and effectiveness of the management system.

1. Quality policy: intensive work, excellence, famous brand, customer satisfaction

2. Quality objectives: product internal control rate >96%;Main equipment perfect rate >96%;Check the product

3. Quality education.Carry out systematic, regular quality training education, continuously improve staff's quality management ability and operational skills.Company based on quality safety and strategic development goals, employee training plan, implementation of the system of staff training management, education funding by the worker total wages 2.5% according to solid line, for ensuring adequate funding for education and training provided for employees.The deputy general manager of the company is directly in charge of training, and arranges the staff training and production and operation.System, systematic training of employees, do have the medium and long-term training plan, annual plan, month have plans, according to the different levels, category and content of strengthening of staff training, improve the quality of the staff management and operation skills.And improve the mechanism of talents cultivation, selection, make the trial measures on settling tutorial system, revise the agreement trial measures on settling wages, awarded by grade and demand corresponding treatment professionals at all levels, to professional and technical personnel with outstanding contribution to give a one-off reward and enjoy allowance system for life.The company insists on continuing education, job training, upgrading of skills, and the organic combination of job promotion and appointment system, encouraging employees to learn consciously and continuously improving their own quality.

4. Quality regulations.Companies formulate laws, regulations and other requirements to obtain and update the control program, specify the relevant responsibilities and work procedures, ensure quality, environment, occupational health and safety laws, regulations and other requirements to identification and evaluation.The quality supervision department is responsible for the regular collection and product quality related laws and regulations, technical standards, changes in the organization to identify and evaluate quality and safety, and timely delivery, execute the requirement changes.

5. Quality responsibility compensation.The product returns management measures ", explicitly return products and recall management organization, responsibility and processing procedure, and because of the quality, packaging, the market for products such as reasons to return or recall management, quality damage compensation responsibility in accordance with the law.

3. Corporate quality and integrity

Credibility is the soul of enterprise management, the company adhere to the good faith management according to law, pay attention to the construction of credit system, standardized operation, ensure enterprise quality assurance, metrology and standardization system robust and effective operation, set up the quality good reputation.

3.1 quality integrity management

Companies strictly enforce the law of the People's Republic of China on product quality standard "and other relevant laws and regulations, consciously accept the supervision of the administrative department of consumers, social and, responsible for the quality of products first.

Establish and improve the enterprise quality system, strengthen the quality management, establish the product quality traceability system and the after-sales service system, actively adopt the advanced quality management method.Strict operation standard, strict production process quality control, strict quality control of raw materials, strict quality inspection of products, organize production according to the laws and regulations, standards requirements.

Firmly establish the concept of quality legal system, strict quality standard and assessment of the job, and a veto of quality safety;Strictly to good quality, to ensure the safety production of food products meet quality standards and express the quality guarantee, not doping ShiJia, shoddy, with unqualified products as qualified products, not producing counterfeit products.

3.2 quality culture construction

Quality culture is an important part of corporate culture and has a good corporate culture, which is the foundation for promoting quality culture construction.Culture is a kind of identity, a concept, a kind of perception, is through long-term effective, innovation, the development of a "product", it is just a slogan, a couple of quotes or a brochure, it is a enterprise people cognition, understanding for a long time, fighting for the cultural atmosphere gradually.The advanced quality culture is an important support and guarantee for the production of high quality brand products and the shaping of enterprise brand. It is the main entry point and point of focus for the construction of enterprise culture with distinctive corporate characteristics.It is an important task for enterprise construction to explore how the enterprise culture can penetrate into the quality work area, improve the quality management level and promote the management of enterprise management to culture management.

The quality culture is centered on quality, aiming at realizing the economic benefit of enterprises, and dedicated to all values and behaviors of the enterprise's quality performance construction.Should promote the construction of enterprise culture of quality, first need to set up, implement, maintain and improve the quality management system, quality culture is diversified, embodied in many aspects, to do well the quality culture construction, with the company closely around the following aspects:

The paper intensified publicity and vigorously carried out the construction of quality culture

Company to "quality first, integrity-based" as the theme, positive quality culture construction activities across the company's propaganda work, make full use of the meeting, publicity column, blackboard, slogan, popularizing the quality good faith consciousness and quality consciousness of law publicity and education, improve the quality of the masses of workers sense of cultural construction.Factory according to the deployment of the company, held by many times of "quality first, integrity-based" as the theme of the training, the employees quality education culture construction, to further improve the quality of the broad worker cultural construction consciousness, set up the "quality first, integrity-based" business philosophy.

The scientific quality management mode, optimizing the structure of the organization, improving the internal quality supervision mechanism, and improving the scientific and technological content of quality management

In combination with its own practice, the company establishes effective quality control and quality assurance mechanism from food processing technology to after-sales service.Improve the quality management system, implement the quality responsibility system, establish the quality incentive competition mechanism, and fully mobilize all staff members to participate in quality management activities.

This is the reward system

The reward system is to start from the needs of front-line workers, pay attention to the spirit of encouragement, to the product or service quality performance excellence, to issue quality certificate.Moral encouragement is often better than mere material reward.Appropriate incentives and recognition to motivate employees.A lot of practice shows that motivation and recognition help to create a good quality culture atmosphere.The creation of people-oriented quality culture should be based on scientific incentive theory and fully consider the needs of employees.Do men, as far as possible when the employees work reward is clear, in the objective evaluation of the employee's work, let employees fully understand the problems at the same time, to enhance the self motivation and enterprising spirit, work better to promote staff has played a positive role.In addition, by improving the work content, working environment and working style, employees are motivated and motivated to work hard and work hard.In a word, through to the employees the appropriate incentives and recognition, can help enterprises to build a good enterprise culture atmosphere quality, make employee quality consciousness and work quality of whole enterprise are improved.

4. Enterprise quality base

4.1 enterprise product standards

Our company strictly abide by the food processing process safety operation procedures and seriously implement the quality management system, effectively improve the management level and cognitive level of the enterprise for a standard and norm for my company standardization work more orderly.

4.2 enterprise measurement level

The company has a perfect measuring system.The company has a total of 50 sets of advanced metering testing equipment, and a total of 13 part-time metering personnel, which can ensure the effectiveness and reliability of enterprise measurement and monitoring results.

Product quality responsibility

5.1 product quality commitment

Company promises to strictly abide by the "food safety" and a series of laws and regulations related to food production, obtained the food production license in accordance with the law, and the overall performance of the enterprise as a legal person is the first person in charge of food safety responsibility.

Company commitment in production strictly enforce the national food safety standards such as ISO, not doping in the process of food processing, adulterated, true, shoddy, without the use of non-food raw materials, recycled materials processed foods.We are determined to provide quality products and sincere after-sales service to the consumers for the good products.

5.2 product recall

Company established a rigorous mature "product recall control procedure", when the factory product quality and food safety hidden trouble, can effectively quickly back, back, to ensure smooth accurate recall and the hidden trouble of the related products to be able to effectively handle.In recent years, the company never actual recall for food safety accidents happen, and the company also USES the regular and irregular pays a return visit, collect customer feedback information, product quality in the subsequent production process control, improve the quality of products.

5.3 responsibilities of "three packages"

Company solemnly promise, if the company product quality problems, after company jointly with the relevant departments of the investigation confirmed is the company's responsibility, company will strictly according to the "product quality standard", "consumer rights and interests protects a law" and other relevant laws and regulations, and in accordance with the consumers will, within the legal framework for the company's products baotui, proven, and express our sincere apologies for consumers.

6.1 quality complaint handling

Food is a fast consumer product, and all aspects of product sales, including consumer purchase, may have various problems to be solved.The sales office is responsible to contact the customer, according to the customer's complaint situation and suggestion, and the complaint content and processing results are registered.Each office daily content and process the results written complaint reporting to the after-sale service department, after-sales service department of consumer opinion comprehensive improvement are also put forward the general manager after office meeting for approval before implementation.The Marketing Department will make a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire every year, and the scope and content of the survey will be updated every year, so as to achieve a wide sampling scope and more close to users' needs.To conduct data analysis of the sampling results and submit Suggestions and Suggestions to the company leaders.

6.2 quality risk monitoring

Company on the basis of the food safety law of the People's Republic of China and regulations on the food safety law implementation set up the food safety risk monitoring system of information collection, collect the food safety risk monitoring information, the product is safe and potential problems in time, after the type of "too late" to advance prevention, namely by "post-supervision" to "prevention", so as to prevent food safety accidents.Food safety risk monitoring information is mainly collected and organized by the quality department of the company, but all employees have the responsibility and obligation to collect risk monitoring information.In order to ensure the timely and accurate collection of food safety risk monitoring information related to our products, the company always pays attention to maintaining the technical exchanges and cooperation with international and domestic counterparts.

6.3 emergency management

In order to improve the company and danger of sudden accidents emergency ability, ensure that in the event of a major, major accident, command and scheduling, personnel, equipment and materials can be in place in time, ensure that the company can control in a timely and effective manner in an accident, to protect the employee's life, environment and security of state property, reduce the accident loss to lowest, on the basis of the production safety law of the People's Republic of China, the emergency response law of the People's Republic of China, the measures for the administration of production safety accident emergency plan and other relevant provisions, in combination with the practical situation of our company to establish a production safety accident emergency plan.Production safety accident emergency plan comprehensive contingency plans and special emergency plan two levels, the comprehensive emergency plans is the company's organization and management, command, coordinate related emergency resources and emergency response plans and procedures of the whole specification, special emergency plan is part of the overall plan, aimed at different incident action plan and guarantee scheme.To emergency rescue can accurate and timely response, the company regularly organize employee to drill, and the problems in the process of practice to improve the improvement, to ensure that the emergency occurs, to start the emergency plan, avoid risk harm reduction.

Report conclusion

In 2016, the market environment is still full of variables, the company will actively seize opportunities, enhance brand image, promote the development of the business, at the same time, the company will continue to implement the quality responsibility idea, let the quality responsibility consciousness and the company synchronous development forward.Take quality strategy implementation, quality management system construction, key quality performance indicators improvement and standardization management as the core to do quality management work in 2017.

Fujian Province Maidehao Food Industry Co.,Ltd

December 31, 2016

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